The DS series sensor combines the robustness of non-contact sensors, by being solid-state, while enabling measurement in  “dirty” and unpredictable applications.  Installation, operation, maintenance effort and cost can be substantially reduced as there is no need for special mounting, protection or cleaning of the  sensors. DS series sensors add value in a wide variety of applications, including those within structural health monitoring, factory automation and off road vehicles, to mention just a few.
DS-Series sensors are Industry 4.0 and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) ready, and will help ensure:
•     Condition monitoring
•     Predictive maintenance
•     Damage prevention
•     Feedback control
DS-Series sensors are available in different versions to accommodate your needs, and all come with embedded electronics, IP68 rating and fully encapsulated in high grade silicone rubber, to be able to withstand harsh environments and all weather-related obstacles. see more;