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Areas of use:

Road, port, bridge and railway

Infrastructure critical to society such as roads, ports, bridges and railways are exposed to various internal and external loads that can lead to wear and tear or malfunction. This can be wear and tear, errors in design and in the engineering and construction process, or extreme situations in the case of overloading, accidents or environmental pollution.

Railways, ports, bridges and roads are exposed to great forces, and the foundation itself can change due to conditions in the ground masses which are affected by the environment, erosion and use over time.

Climate crises challenge infrastructure

Increasing amounts of rainfall and floods create challenges with landslides and landslides. Embankments and foundations are exposed to a lot of rainfall, which affects the stability of roads, tracks and quays. Water can find new ways when gutters and drainage stop working, or simply because the amount of rainfall becomes too great.

Objects such as bridges can be instrumented to calculate bearing capacity and residual life.

We can assist with measurements that give warnings about conditions that require measures and are critical for safety.

Among other things, you can follow:

  • Bridge measurement
    • Changes in the function of the bridge bearing
    • Need for joint width
    • Changes in the bearing capacity of supporting pillars
    • Carrying capacity and overload
  • Road, port and track
    • Bearing capacity of constructions
    • Movements of structures
    • Forces affecting construction
    • Mass slippage and drainage
    • Rock or loose rock

We measure stresses in the form of tension or compression, crack formations, displacement of mass and collapse, weight, pressure, vibration, angle, moment, temperature, liquid level and moisture.

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