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Usage areas
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We offer simple and smart measurement technology sensor solutions for buildings, roads, bridges, railways, industry, renewable energy, water and sewage.

Continuous monitoring of how structures behave under varying loads provides knowledge and insight to uncover irregularities.

We can assist with the measurement of stresses in the form of tension or compression, crack formations, displacement of mass and collapse, weight, pressure, vibration, angle, moment, temperature, moisture and liquid level in tanks.

New sensor technology enables, among other things, automated monitoring of infrastructure for condition-based maintenance and control. Data can be sent to other systems for analysis and decision-making.

Objective data

Sensor-based monitoring provides objective information for assessing measures and the lifespan of facilities and structures.

  • Better control and security in facilities, infrastructure and construction
  • Factual basis for assessment of repairs and investments
  • Monitors whether measures work as desired
  • Early warning of impaired condition based on objective data can reduce injuries.

Sensor-based monitoring is today a prerequisite for a future-oriented and cost-effective FDV system.

Usage areas

Society-critical infrastructure should be instrumented and monitored to be able to observe impacts and changes in the construction. Then you can react in a responsible way before serious damage occurs and entails large costs.

Building and construction

Keep an eye out for cracks, settlement damage, vibration and moisture.

Road, port, bridge and railway

See changes in bearing capacity and overload, and forces affecting the construction.

Water and wastewater

Monitor water reservoirs, pipelines, treatment plants, tanks and pumping stations.


Current measurements for production and safety in industry, shipyards, agriculture and fisheries.

Renewable energy

Sensor-based measurement can improve operational efficiency and optimize energy production.

Private residences

Useful for home owners who need objective data to document changes.