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Areas of use:

Building and constructions

Measuring crack formations is one of the measures we can offer in building and construction. Measurement is important in order to be able to take the necessary measures at the right time.

Buildings and constructions are exposed to forces that require maintenance or strengthening work. Sensor-based measurement provides objective data of physical changes. Through defined limit values, measurement can give the building owner a warning for measures and also assess when maintenance is required.

We can assist with the measurement of stresses in the form of tension or compression, crack formations, displacement of mass and collapse, weight, pressure, vibration, angle, torque, temperature, liquid level and moisture.

We supply suitable sensors and a self-developed, iBridge – a smart sensor-based system, for measurements.

Among other things, you can follow:

  • Cracks in foundations and walls
  • Settlement damage and floors or walls that sink
  • Vibrations when blasting nearby
  • Damp in foundations, basements, attics and wet rooms
  • Moisture in materials throughout the construction period to document dry construction before closing constructions.

We are happy to visit and evaluate useful sensor-based solutions.