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iBridge – a smart sensor-based system

We have developed iBridge, a small and smart case, which contains a multifunctional sensor-based system that communicates sensor data via 4G to our cloud solution. It can be used with a battery, and can be connected to most types of transmitters/sensors.

With iBridge you are always at the forefront

iBridge is specially designed for use with stretch flaps, and for measuring stresses in the form of tension or compression, cracking, displacement of mass and collapse, weight, pressure, vibration, angle, torque, temperature, liquid level and moisture.

With a built-in accelerometer and temperature sensor, this is a very useful multifunction logger.

The unit is easy to mount on different materials and surfaces, and can be moved and reused as needed.

The battery capacity can be adapted to areas of use and customer-specific needs. Direct connection of sensors makes this multifunctional logger easy to install without cabling and power connection.

iBridge is supplied with communication to an intelligent cloud-based software for configuration and storage of measurement data. Here you get access to effective data 24/7, or data directly into the company's ERP system.