Smart Sensor Systems AS

We innovate
measuring technology

We innovate
measuring technology

Smart sensor solution for easy monitoring and measurement of cracks, landslides, liquid level, temperature and moisture, among other things.

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Automated monitoring of infrastructure

With our smart data logger iBridge, you can easily measure and get ongoing information about physical changes in critical structures via 4G.

Automated monitoring of infrastructure with new battery-powered sensor technology enables condition-based maintenance and control. The continuous monitoring of how structures behave under varying loads provides knowledge and insight to uncover irregularities.

Usage areas

Society-critical infrastructure should be instrumented and monitored to be able to observe impacts and changes in the construction. Then you can react appropriately before serious damage occurs.

Building and construction

Keep an eye out for cracks, settlement damage, vibration and moisture.

Road, port, bridge and railway

See changes in bearing capacity and overload, and forces affecting the construction.

Water and wastewater

Monitor water reservoirs, pipelines, treatment plants, tanks and pumping stations.


Current measurements for production and safety in industry, shipyards, agriculture and fisheries.

Renewable energy

Sensor-based measurement can improve operational efficiency and optimize energy production.

Private residences

Useful for home owners who need objective data to document changes.

iBridge smart data logger

With a combination of iBridge and external sensors, you can monitor physical changes in your building yourself.

With 4G communication to our cloud solution, you can monitor critical changes from your own PC 24/7.


iBridge smart data logger illustration

Watch our new information film about iBridge!

How does our iBridge smart data logger work? What can it be used for? Watch our new information film which provides an animated display of areas of use. We have developed iBridge, a small and online multifunctional data logger that communicates sensor data via 4G to our cloud solution. It can be used with a battery, and connects to most

Halvor Heiberg

Halvor Heiberg new ceo for Smart Sensor Systems

Halvor Heiberg is employed as the new general manager of Smart Sensor Systems AS. Heiberg has previously been involved in several start-ups both nationally and internationally. He has extensive experience in business development and international sales, and has worked for several years in Beijing, among other things. - I'm looking forward to taking it

Inspection of the Grenlandsbrua

Smart Sensor Systems has recently inspected the Grenlandsbrua on behalf of the road owner the Norwegian Road Administration and operator Mesta. We are now considering various measurement technology solutions with sensors for monitoring the bridge, which can provide a useful basis for maintenance work.