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Information on the handling of personal data

Smart Sensor Systems takes your privacy seriously, and is obliged to process personal data in a responsible manner. This privacy policy describes what information is collected and stored in connection with the website


Smart Sensor Systems is the data controller, and is responsible for the collection and use of personal data in connection with the operation and maintenance of


We use cookies to increase the functionality of our website and to ensure that the visitor statistics are reliable. Information cookies, also called "cookies", are small text files that are sent from the website you visit to the device you are on. These text files are stored in your browser and contain a unique identifier that is used to identify the device - as long as the settings on your browser allow it. The information collected is also shared with our advertising and analysis partners, who use this information for statistical and analytical purposes. We make use of GA4 to obtain this information.


The personal information we have about you is only the personal information you have chosen to give us. On our website, this is linked to inquiries registered via our contact form. Registration of information in the contact form is voluntary. Smart Sensor Systems uses this information to get in touch with those who request to be contacted.

In the contact form, information about name and e-mail is collected and stored.

Information that is collected is stored on a separate server. Only Smart Sensor Systems has access to the information that is collected.

Personal data is not disclosed to third parties.


In accordance with Section 18 of the Personal Data Act, you have a right to access the information that has been registered. Access can be obtained by sending a written inquiry to Smart Sensor Systems. If the registered information is incorrect or incomplete, you can demand that it be corrected in accordance with Section 27 of the Personal Data Act.


According to Section 28 of the Personal Data Act, information that is no longer necessary based on the purpose for which it was stored must be deleted. Smart Sensor Systems stores personal data in accordance with the legislation currently in force.