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We offer simple and smart measurement technology sensor solutions for buildings, roads, bridges, railways, industry, renewable energy, water and sewage.

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Smart Sensor Systems AS contributes to making the world smarter and safer with the delivery and development of good measuring technology solutions and products.

We offer good measuring technology solutions that are simple and affordable to use and that provide you as a user with easily accessible and important information.

iBridge – a smart sensor-based system, is the first product we have developed ourselves. iBridge is very easy to both install and use and is a cost-effective product for our customers.

Together with iBridge, we supply several quality sensors from other suppliers that together provide good measuring technology solutions. We sell products individually and projects with installations and follow-up.

Smart Sensor Systems has been established with owners who have specialist expertise in measurement technology.

We are happy to help you with our expertise and products!

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buildingSMART Norway is a neutral interest organization that improves the digital flow of information in the building process by participating in the development of the open international buildingSMART standards.
They work to ensure that these standards are implemented in software and adopted in the Norwegian construction industry and public administration, throughout the entire value chain and throughout the life cycle. We are one of buildingSMART International's 23 trade neutral and non-commercial national departments, and were established in 1997.


GCE NODE is an industry-driven cluster for ocean technologies. Based in Southern Norway, GCE NODE comprises approximately 110 companies, most of which constitute a world-leading value chain of suppliers to the oil & gas, offshore, energy and maritime industries.