Smart Sensor Systems has entered into a partnership agreement with the Haneseth Group regarding the installation of sensors and equipment for measurement projects across the country.

- We think Smart Sensor Systems is an exciting company that supplies important measurement technology products for social security and maintenance. It is therefore with pride that we have entered into an agreement as the chosen partner for the assembly of their products, says regional manager Anders Guneriussen in Haneseth Gruppen AS.

The Haneseth group has 500 employees across Norway, with origins in northern Norway, and consists of a number of companies across the country. - Our employees are well used to installing sensors and components for sensitive systems, and have expertise in electrical installation, automation, plumbing/pipes, high voltage, ventilation, small power plants, communication and security, says Guneriussen.

Professional and well-qualified installation
Smart Sensor Systems, for its part, is very satisfied with the partnership, which ensures professional and well-qualified installation for various projects in Norway. - We are proud to be able to give our customers peace of mind that the installation is in accordance with regulations and can be followed up quickly by employees in the Haneseth Gruppen, says general manager Halvor Heiberg at Smart Sensor Systems.

Projects all over the country
Smart Sensor Systems is in dialogue with potential customers all over the country. - Among other things, we work with agreements on measurement projects for effective maintenance and safety in old buildings. Then we have a dialogue with several customers about road and bridge projects. We also offer continuous monitoring of roof structures for buildings, which has proven to be very new with a lot of heavy snow on roof structures, says Heiberg.

For questions contact:
General manager Halvor Heiberg at Smart Sensor Systems, tel: 90 11 29 35
Regional manager Anders Guneriussen in the Haneseth Group, tel: 48 01 01 08