- Grimstad municipality has chosen to install iBridge - a smart sensor-based system, from Smart Sensor Systems on the roof of our public swimming facility. It is a good tool, simple and affordable for measuring changes in the roof structure. 

Now we have had a lot of snow on the roof, which had an impact on the measurements. It was instrumental in us closing the plant for a period now, says acting unit manager for maintenance, cleaning and building operations Sigvard Laurendz in Grimstad municipality.

We have installed several of our iBridges on the roof of Grimstad municipality's swimming facilities. During the New Year's weekend, the monitoring of the roof construction showed that the roof had collapsed somewhat. Based on the measurements, the municipality chose to close the bath until further notice. There have been large amounts of snow on the roof.

Sigvard Laurendz in Grimstad municipality

Sigvard Laurendz in Grimstad municipality

- We take safety seriously and, with the measurements, can monitor changes in the roof 24/7 and can take measures to secure the building and users, says Laurendz.

- With the help of live sensor data that is sent 24/7 to the municipality, they can assess changes in the roof construction, and make their decisions based on facts, thus ensuring life and health, says general manager of Smart Sensor Systems, Halvor Heiberg.

Live sensor data is presented on a separate page for customers. See examples here