The production department in Smart Sensor Systems has now moved to Kristiansand and has its own office at the Castle!

Department with manager Joakim Hellum and product developer Magne Hellum has moved into a new office in Slottsquartalet in Kristiansand, in Tordenskjolds gate 13, at the top of the Markens pedestrian street.

- Welcome in, invite Joakim and Magne, who live on the 3rd floor.

The production department has previously been located in both Grimstad and Arendal, and has found it practical to have an office in Kristiansand. Managing director Halvor Heiberg has an office in Oslo. Smart Sensor Systems delivers to the whole country and has customers in a number of places.

Contact information for employees can be found here

Smart Sensor Systems has a branch office in Slottsquartalet in Kristiansand, on the 3rd floor, feel free to use the entrance to Noroff.

Joakim Hellum

Head of the product development department, Joakim Hellum, is very satisfied with the new office.

Product developer Magne Hellum

Product developer Magne Hellum has also settled in with his many instruments.

The castle quarter

The branch office is in a newly renovated modern building, with a nice canteen and a number of other tenants.

Inside office

Smart Sensor Systems has an office on the 3rd floor, and has access from several places, such as here in the atrium in the middle of the building, with a lift to the 3rd floor.

the entrance to the Castle

The entrance area - entrance Noroff